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Air Conditioning

If you want to improve the living or working environment in your home or business, you should consider installing air conditioning. Although usually associated with keeping cool during hot weather, did you know that it also keeps the air fresh and clean all year round, improving the comfort and wellbeing for everyone?

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ACRS provide the entire spectrum of cold chain and temperature controlled services for commercial, industrial and domestic use in Worcestershire and the Midlands. Their refrigeration services include supplying, installing, maintaining & repairing equipment, supported by a 24-hour emergency call out service.

Call them on 01386 556607 to keep your cold chain working at maximum efficiency.

Heat Pumps

If you would like to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and generate heating in a renewable and eco-friendly way, then you should consider installing a Heat Pump. For each 1Kw of power used, Air Source Heat Pumps generate between 300% to 500% more in energy, making them extremely eco-friendly.

For more information, please ring ACRS on 01386 556607.

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